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About Me

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For over 25 years, I’ve worked for global world-class organizations at local, regional, and global senior leadership levels. Ilived in 4 different countries and learn about their cultures and challenges. I’ve partnered with business leaders around the world to improve business performance, support and leading cultural transformations and create great places to work. As a Mom, I wanted to spend more time at home and decided to Found "MJ" so that I could focus on the things that matter to me.  


I offer a range of services to support leaders and organizations in achieving long lasting results. Whether you're navigating a major transition, seeking to maximize your leadership impact, or looking to build a high-performing team, I can help.

My areas of expertise include Executive and Team coaching, Energy coaching, HR strategy and talent strategy consulting.


Working with me, we will identify and clarify goals and develop customized and practical plans to achieve game changing results. 

If you're looking for a trusted partner to help you get the Executive Impact you want, I would be delighted to hear from and support your journey. 


Game-Changing Results from Clients

The results of having Martha as a coach speak for themselves: in 2 years I transitioned into managing a large team in my day job in tech, navigated the year of tech layoffs with a strong org and charter, got two consecutive promotions, and for my extracurriculars leveled up as the chair of the board of a non-profit. Martha has enabled me to find and refine my leadership vision while staying true to my values. If you’ve ever considered pushing your leadership skills further in an intentional way


Sr. Manager 

Martha is an outstanding coach. Our sessions have helped me identify specific areas where I want to affect change and together we've been able to outline actionable steps I can take to reach my goals.

We are all constantly growing in all aspects of our lives. Working with Martha has been (and remains) an effective and rewarding part of my personal and professional development.



Chief Development Officer

It has been an amazing experience to see how she was able to let me develop my goals for business transformation, align my priorities and to put focus on the things that matter. As a coach, Martha provides for very high emotional intelligence, asks the right questions at the right time, which at times are demanding but therefore deliver excellent answers, which I eventually felt ownership of. Passionate, driving and guiding, highly skilled, excellent coach and mentor - great and fun to work with.

Christian V.,

CTO and Board Member

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”


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